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Unable to withdraw money from FXTF scam platform
Filip Koch
Georgia 2023-11-17
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Regulators: Japan FSA
Claims: Fund Recovery
Amount: $90000
Progress: Closed
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We have received your complaint about FXTF.

Could you please provide some evidence of your trading in FXTF (such as account number and trading and transaction records)? We will try to contact this broker for you.

Filip Koch File a Complaint

The first time they are urging you to deposit 30,000-50,000 usd, and the second time they are urging you to deposit 60,000 usd. When the amount is completed, you will be asked to contact customer service, and then you will be asked to pay 20% tax. At this time, the other party will start to impatiently ask you to hurry up. If you pay all the taxes, he will also help you pay some. After the tax is paid, the customer service will say that this is money laundering caused by many parties. He will ask the customer service if it is because a friend helped deposit the money. Customer service will ask for a deposit...