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Infinity Forex Funds invent rules to avoid paying profits
Eleni Polykarpou
Italy 2023-12-19
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Infinity Forex Funds
Claims: Fund Recovery
Amount: $5000
Progress: Replied
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Eleni Polykarpou File a Complaint

Well, a month before I passed the $100K desk challenge, and I was really happy about it. In the first month I made a profit of R$4,350.00, which I would receive this week. An amount that I already counted as certain to pay some bills I would have at the end of the year. Well, yesterday to my sad surprise, my payment was REFUSED, and the reason is a rule of such consistency, where I could not have any operation greater than 33% of my profit (R$ 1,435.00). In fact, my profit for the month was US$21,000, and my loss was US$16,500, so I soon understood that the rule would be around US$21,000. Well, it's not. So think with me, if my profit was $100, they would delete all my trades over $33. Ridiculous rule that only targets non-payment to Trades. Therefore, be very careful when purchasing any table that is different from FTMO. Don't fall for the scam, like I did. DO NOT BUY INFINITY FOREX FUNDS TABLE CHALLENGES.