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As an industry-leading broker review platform, BrokersView is committed to assisting traders across the globe in finding the best forex broker in an easy and fast manner. We provide traders with access to detailed and comprehensive information, professional analysis, and a real commenting system.

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Forex Brokers Information

Improving transparency of forex brokers by presenting each broker's regulation, business scope, trading cost, customer support, service, updates, user comments, live quotes...

Regulated Information

Market Scope

Trading Cost


Real User Reviews

Trading Environment

User Reviews

Real comments will be sorted out, categorized, and labeled by our team to help traders get to know the broker more effectively.


BrokersView assesses forex brokers of various types based on our proprietary impartial testing methods, aiming to give insights to traders through our ranking lists

Fake Brokers & Scam

Identify forex scams to protect traders from fraudulent investments

Regulators Query

Regulatory information is presented to traders for better Complaints and Alerts


BrokersView helps traders find the best brokers through trading cost calculation tools, live quotes comparison tools, trading condition comparison tools...

Our commitment

All the data collected are used for the purpose of improving trading transparency and providing objective contents.

We only earn through advertisements. We have already informed all of our partners that the partnership will not affect the objectivity and authenticity of the data shown on our website.

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