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Unable to withdraw!
Todeci Anca
China 2022-09-15
Related Broker:
New Zealand Visions Build Limited
Claims: Fund Recovery
Amount: $74360
Progress: Processing
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We have received your complaint about New Zealand Visions Build Limited. 

Please be informed that New Zealand Visions Build Limited is an unregulated scam! 

Could you please provide your trading account number in New Zealand Visions Build Limited? We will try to contact this broker for you.

Todeci Anca File a Complaint

This is a scam! I think a lot of people have been scammed. A teacher named "Liyong" brought me to this platform. Then he just told me to continue to invest money. I have invested several tens of thousands, but I found there is something wrong when I want to withdraw.

I applied for a withdrawal, but that night the platform operated a liquidation for me and then the customer service told me that I need to pay the margin, or I can not withdraw the money.