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Nasdaq-Market unable to withdraw funds
Rwanda 2023-12-05
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Nasdaq Market
Claims: Fund Recovery
Amount: $32000
Progress: Replied
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We have received your complaint about Nasdaq-Market.

Could you please provide some evidence of your trading in Nasdaq-Market (such as account number and trading and transaction records)? We will try to contact this broker for you.

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I met a guy on IG. Later he said he would teach me how to invest. The first time I invested 32,000. I earned 36,000, and I asked the other party to teach me how to withdraw it. I didn’t have any transactions that day but I was able to withdraw successfully. The second time the other party asked me to use credit. Then the money I borrowed was converted into virtual currency in installments. Then enter the trade on 11/26, I have not withdrawn the amount after the transaction. On 11/28, the other party started to borrow money from me. When I wanted to give the other party the money on the platform, he was unwilling. I started to have doubts, I started trying to withdraw the money in the early morning of November 29th. But the withdrawal keeps failing. On the morning of 11/29, customer service said that withdrawals cannot be made without transactions. If you want to withdraw money, you must earn half of the balance before you can withdraw it. I just found out this is a scam.