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My profit cannot be withdrawn, and my account background is closed
Md Abul Kasem
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Claims: Fund Recovery
Amount: $16800
Progress: Replied
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Dear user, Could you please provide some proofs? including trading account number, deposit, trading records and chat history with broker. You may add proofs in your complaint, we will try to urge broker to settle your issue. If any response, we will immediately inform you.

Md Abul Kasem File a Complaint

I registered a real trading account on this broker on February 25, and made two deposits on February 26, totaling US$16,800. After that, I opened a long position in gold. By March 5, the account principal plus profit totaled US$33,918.6. , I made a withdrawal of US$6,800 to close a position, but it has not been received. In the afternoon, I found that my account could not be logged in. 

I contacted customer service, and she asked me to check my email and said that my account order was screened by LP as a cancer order. As an ordinary Trader, I operated the whole process manually and I don't know why it is a cancer order. I have not provided evidence that it is considered a cancer. In the past few days, I have been delayed in asking customer service, or the reply is not within my management authority. 

I hereby expose this scammer.