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I was not allowed to withdraw the money for various reasons on Larbor
Anna Jaquero Raluy
Hongkong SAR 2023-12-08
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Claims: Fund Recovery
Amount: $250000
Progress: Closed
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We have received your complaint about Larbor.

Could you please provide some evidence of your trading in Larbor (such as account number and trading and transaction records)? We will try to contact this broker for you.

Anna Jaquero Raluy File a Complaint

Download Soontrade5 from the Hong Kong App Store (this app has been removed from the shelves in Hong Kong). At first, I used the broker Gomax (this broker disappeared), and later I was asked to switch to the broker Larbor. For the first time, I can deposit, trade and withdraw money normally. Customer service will not let you cancel when you participate in the $100,000 newcomer activity; after completing the newcomer activity, customer service will say that no one else can deposit money on your behalf; after completing the $100,000 deposit alone, customer service will say that if you complete it overdue, you will need to deposit another $100,000 to increase your credit score; after completing the credit score improvement The customer service also said that the money in the account was black money and asked me to deposit another US$90,000 in risk reserves to show my innocence. The customer service did not provide any terms and conditions during the entire process. Everything was decided by the customer service afterwards. During this period, they were constantly threatened that if the process was not completed, it would be illegal and subject to punishment. In the end, I didn't pay the deposit due to insufficient funds, and I didn't encounter any consequences that the customer service claimed would happen. The accounts entered are all private accounts opened by Chinese people. After checking with the relevant Hong Kong authorities, they said they were shadow accounts, accounts used to illegally defraud property and launder money.    

1 comment