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I want to expose the bad deeds of XLTRADE
Gary Lester
Singapore 2023-12-11
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Claims: Fund Recovery
Amount: $13000
Progress: Closed
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We have received your complaint about XLTRADE.

Please be informed that XLTRADE is an unregulated scam! 

For more details on this broker, please check our full XLTRADE review.

Could you please provide some evidence of your trading in XLTRADE (such as account number and trading and transaction records)? We will try to contact this broker for you.

Gary Lester File a Complaint

I read there site completely, even talked to a rep. verbally. He called me repeatedly until I made the deposit. I have every piece of evidence possible to prove these people hunted then tricked me into opening an account. First they put me on a 30day lockout period, mandatory must trade at least 15 of those days. Which I have done. Then on the 30th day I asked for a payout from the $13k account balance that I am positive. They drag me along for another week with a ton of emails back and forth to eventually tell me they reject my withdrawal request because of "high risk trading". I was very clear from the beginning about my trading style and was assured I would be fine. Besides that ON THE SITE! It states "STRATEGY RESTRICTION: NONE" Please be aware to not trust anything they say or put on their site they will not pay. My question is where is my deposit of $5000 and what will they do with the $8000 I made? I bet they will keep both.......