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Global Morgan is a pig butchering scam
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Zul Cai
Cote d'Ivoire 2024-03-01
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Global Morgan
Claims: Fund Recovery
Amount: $237693
Progress: Closed
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Zul Cai File a Complaint

I met a girl on Telegram called Mia she claims to live in Germany
After several months of conversation, she made me believe that she had invested in a platform called GLOBAL MORGAN
link to the site:
After registration I started trading on the site I made deposits and withdrawals until the day I received an email for the launch of an IEO project so I invested $11,876 two weeks after the launch the value of crypto was $25 I sold all my coins for a total of $237693.
When I wanted to withdraw the money, customer service asked me to pay the tax which is 11.5% which is approximately $20,322 to a USDT address
A few days later I introduced it to an experienced trader, he told me that it was a scam. I did my own research and in the end it was a pure scam. My friend in question wasn't real she was using a celebrity's