Unfair breach on Account to not pay my profit share
英国 2024-03-15
Infinity Forex Funds
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tasneemg84 发起投诉

I had two accounts with Infinity forex funds and have traded both accounts in exactly the same manner.  Working from home, from the office and on my mobile, therefore different devices and different locations which would have different IP addresses.  I have online chat confirmations with Infinity that this is ok.

The first account, I was due a payout but I did not meet their consistency rules so payout denied.  Despite confirming the calculations of consistency rules with their online chat, their email support told myself and a fellow trader otherwise.  A month worth of work to get profits down the drain but I was ok with this.  I was given my account back to the starting balance and traded it on it again.  I blew this account in the end. Never

The second account, I then started trading on in exactly the same manner.  I set up an excel sheet so I cannot be told I am not due a payout again.  I was strict in making sure I remain within all their rules and am trading the same as the first account, at home, at work, on different devices.  This time, when it comes to payout of around £2.5k to me, I am told I have breached the account because third party access has been given by me to someone else on my account.  This is absolute rubbish as I have never done so, they are just finding another excuse to not pay me as I remained within the consistency rules, so this excuse could not be given.  I have an email exchange with the prop firm, asking for evidence, to which their latest response is pasted below.  It looks like they are now changing their tune and its not that I have given third party access but that I share the same IP address as another trader.  How can they go from one reason to another? Once again I have asked for evidence of this, if they are now suggesting copy trading with someone using the same IP address then surely our trades must be identical for there to be a breach.  No response.  They are fluttering between different reasons for breaching me.