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Saham Gold Syariah: The Same Old Scam Tricks Deceive Investors

2023-08-25 Brokersview

Among the victims of scams, some were in desperate need of money, some were attracted by promises of high returns, and others wanted to make a quick buck. Some victims describe the unnerving sense when they realize they have been scammed as being like impending doom and the world falling apart. BrokersView continues to work on exposing various investment scams, which hopefully can help you stay away from scams and guard your financial security.


Telegram is full of scam groups that you might get added to accidentally, and scammers will do everything they can to break through the last line of defense in your mind. A few days ago, BrokersView received another complaint from a victim of a scam group.


The client was randomly added to a Telegram group where he saw the group administrator (scammer) sharing trading profits, which is usually one of the fraudulent tactics used by scammers to lure investors to deposit funds.

As the client was in need of money, he showed interest in joining their investment program. The administrator communicated with him and explained their investment packages to him, where it could be seen that the minimum deposit amount was RM500 and the corresponding profit that could be earned was higher than RM7,000. So, the client chose to invest with the minimum deposit amount of RM500 for the package BASIC.

The routine tricks by scammers came next. A few hours later, the scammer informed the client that his account has made a profit of RM16,000, but that he needed to pay a broker fee in order to withdraw the money. This is a common excuse, usually accompanied by a veiled threat. As you can see in the chat history below, the scammer repeatedly emphasized that the client needed to transfer another RM500. If they don't receive the payment by the next day, the client's account will be frozen for 7 working days and if they don't receive the payment after 7 days, the client’s profit and principal will be burned. This is nothing short of alarmist talk, and the only purpose of the scammer is to defraud the client out of his money.

Fortunately, the client was already in need of money, so there was no extra money to fall into the pocket of the scammers. This client ended up being swindled for a total amount of RM500.

BrokersView Reminds You


It is not clear yet whether Saham Gold Syariah has a website, but its so-called investment program is definitely a scam, and there is no such investment opportunity as investing a small amount of money to get a high return in a short period of time. In addition, there are numerous such scams in Malaysia and many of them have very similar names. Do not entrust your funds to Saham Gold Syariah to “trade” on your behalf.


As BrokersView has reminded investors many times, don't click on suspicious links and ads, don't join dubious groups, and don't believe in investment packages that offer whopping profits.


If you have any concerns about your potential brokers, ask BrokersView a question and we'll answer it for free.