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Receive 50% or up to a $2000 Tradable Bonus in easyMarkets

2022-01-24 Brokersview

All traders who make a first deposit USD 100 or above are entitled to receive the First Deposit bonus. The bonus amount is percentage based and linked to the client’s first deposit as specified in the table below. To claim the bonus, the client shall contact their relationship manager and quote ‘First Deposit’ bonus. Clients must agree to the bonus as part of the first step of the registration process.

Bonus amount based on first deposit:

* The bonus will be converted to the trader’s base account currency at the current market rate. 

This Promotion is open to all new traders who have made a deposit, over 18, trading on any financial instrument on the easyMarkets or MT4 trading platform. 

The trader may withdraw any trading profits made from trading the bonus at any time. 

• If there have been no trades completed after 30 (thirty) days from the day that the trader receives the Bonus, easyMarkets will debit the Bonus amount.

• Bonuses are for trading purposes only; they cannot be withdrawn, they are non-transferable and they are non-refundable. 

• Any withdrawal of your deposit prior to trading will result in a proportional debiting of the bonus.


 - If you deposit $2000 

- You will get a $800 bonus 

- If, before your trade, you withdraw 50% of your deposit, $1000 

- 50% of the bonus, $400, will be debited. 

• Any withdrawals after trading will result in the bonus debited in full. 

• For more details on the trading credit (bonus) please visit our General Trading Rules.

Each client may participate in this promotion only through one of their trading accounts. Multiple accounts belonging to the same client will be disqualified. We retain the right to disqualify a trader and to withdraw the Bonus in total, if there are reasonable grounds that the offer is being abused/manipulated in any way, including the use of an IP address that does not correspond to the identification documents of that client. This promotion may be combined with any other easyMarkets promotion running at the same period. Any taxes / charges arising out of this Promotion, shall be borne solely by the trader. The trading account is subject to our standard Client Agreement that you will find on our Legal Page. Employees of easyMarkets, their immediate family members, and IB’s via their personal accounts, multi account managers and any third party related to this promotion are not eligible to participate. We retain the right to refuse or terminate, a trading account, at any time. easyMarkets may withdraw or amend this promotion at any time.

For detailed "Terms&Conditions", you can check the activity.