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Pepperstone Introduces 24-Hour US Share CFDs

2024-06-20 BrokersView

Pepperstone Introduces 24-Hour US Share CFDs

Pepperstone, the leading Forex and CFD broker, has announced the launch of 24-hour US Share CFDs.


Traders can trade 37 of US Shares such as Apple, Tesla, Microsoft, and Amazon through cTrader, TradingView, and MT5.


Stock market investors usually trade during certain hours of business days, but major events that affect the market may occur outside of regular trading hours. However, with 24-hour CFDs, traders are able to react quickly to real-time events and recoup losses or avoid missing trading opportunities.


Pepperstone stated: “Our extended hours session functions independently from the regular US market session. This protects clients with lower-risk appetites from the potential volatility that comes with out of hours trading. ”


Pepperstone also highlighted its favorable reviews in terms of fees and commissions. Fees start from $0.02 per share and there is no minimum commission on the new 24-hour CFDs.


In recent years, several brokers have introduced trading services outside of regular trading sessions to meet the trading needs of investors. For example, eToro launched extended hours stock trading CFDs last year.