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DCFX: Had Banned by the Police But Still Holding Vitctim's Funds of $40,000

2023-08-15 Brokersview


Recently, an investor from Hong Kong reported that his $40,000 in DCFX was still trapped on the platform. However, the criminals who operated the platform were arrested by Malaysian police two months ago.


According to the investor, DCFX is a scam. On July 17, he submitted a withdrawal request worthing $20,000 but has yet to receive the money. The customer service only said the amount was 'substantial' but did not say why the money could not be withdrawn. Nearly a month has passed, and the investor is still left with $40,000 in difficulties on this platform that he cannot withdraw. The victim doesn't have much hope of recovering his money, but he left a review reminding other investors to avoid this broker.

An investor from HongKong accused DCFX.


It is worth noting that the criminals who ran the DCFX scam were arrested by the Malaysian police in June this year. It was reported that the police arrested 77 suspects at Lembah Klang, 11 of whom were not Malaysian, with the oldest being no more than 37 years old, and the youngest only 17 years old.


However, the two websites belonging to this broker ( and are still accessible, and unsuspecting investors may still fall for the scam.


BrokersView exposed DCFX on September 13, 2022, identifying it as a forex trading platform that is not regulated.


DCFX belongs to a company called DCFX Asia, which is part of DC Global Holding Inc. Upon investigation, the broker listed multiple Indonesian institutions on its website - the Indonesian Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency (BAPPEBTI), the Jakarta Futures (BAPPEBTI), the Jakarta Futures Exchange (JFX), the Indonesian Derivatives Clearing House (KBI), and the Indonesian Commodity and Derivatives Exchange (ICDX). Note, however, that none of these mentioned is a forex regulator.


In other words, DCFX is an unregulated broker without a forex license, warned by

Securities Commission Malaysia (SC).


Securities Commission Malaysia warns DCFX

BrokersView reminds you that many unlicensed brokers like DCFX exist on the market. Faced with the overwhelming fake information on the internet, it may not be possible for an investor to get a full picture of a broker's credentials when investigating. If you have questions about your potential brokers or are curious about whether a broker has a Forex license, you can ask us and BrokersView will answer them for you free of charge.