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Another Victim! Forbes Capital Uses Group Chat to Trap Investors

2023-01-18 Brokersview

Last Tuesday, BrokersView exposed a fraudulent broker called Forbes Capital, a company that used WhatsApp group chats and scammed many investors. These investors thought they were in an easy-money-making investment plan, but they didn't realize it was all a scam.

You Still have to Pay First to Withdraw the Profits

The investor in this news invested in Forbes Capital with the dream of making a lot of money, trying to change his life through investing, but he didn't expect to meet a scammer.

Like the previous victims, the investor was presented with a packaged investment plan as an option - an easy way to make a lot of money without trading as long as you fund it. After the scammer's introduction, the investor transferred a total of 2,640 ringgit to the other party in several installments. After a period of "trading", the trading terminal showed a "profit" of 28,864 ringgit in his account. At this point, the investor was very satisfied and intended to withdraw his money.

But to his surprise, the other party asked him to pay a "broker's fee", which is 10% of the account's profit, before withdrawing the funds, or he would not be allowed to withdraw the funds. This unexpected request was not negotiated in advance and could not be paid by direct deduction of the account balance. The victim expressed his unacceptability and refused to pay the fee. And the investor who realized that he had been scammed then submitted the evidence he had collected to the local police.

The victim also suspected that the people running the scam were not actually local Indonesians, as they often spoke in written language.

The Same Scheme has Fooled Countless People

These scams almost always start through online group chats. These so-called investment groups appear to be sharing investment experiences and investment opportunities, but in fact, they are using fake screenshots and photos to lure potential victims into investing in fraudulent platforms.

Every day, the scammers indicate in the group that they have made significant profits with the help of their groupmates, expressing their gratitude while showing photos of cash or screenshots of withdrawals, and wishing other people the same great fortune. Even though the potential victims in the group don't speak much, they are all fish that could potentially be fished out for the scammers. Because with the barrage of false information, it's hard for people who want to make money not to be lured.

BrokersView Reminds You

BrokersView has recently received many complaints from victims who were deluded by other members of the group chat into believing in the so-called "make money by investing without trading in person" investment scheme and invested their money in the unregulated platform. All the victims were asked to pay an inexplicable fee when they reached the point of withdrawing, and the fee was not negotiated between the two parties before the investment. Some of them immediately realized that they had been cheated and refused to pay the fee, but many of them could not refuse the huge profit offer and chose to transfer money to the scammers again, only to find that they did not get the so-called profit at all.

Investing is a risky business, and getting rich overnight by investing money without having to trade yourself is a fantasy.

BrokersView continues to receive complaints from victims of Forbes Capital or other similar scams, please stay tuned to BrokersView News for the latest news.

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