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They don't authorize the closure of my account and the withdrawal of my money
Vera Lucia Kelly
Brazil 2024-03-23
Related Broker:
Warren Bowie & Smith
Regulators: Mauritius FSC
Claims: Others
Amount: $35400
Progress: Replied
Vera Lucia Kelly Replenished the Complaint

Vera Lucia Kelly Replenished the Complaint

Dear Sirs,

I would like to inform you that, today, the password for my investment account was changed and trading transactions were carried out in such a way as to reset the entire balance in my investment account (I wonder if it was the broker itself????) since they were refusing to close my account !!! 

Today I can't access the XCITE platform, and I received messages from the broker that my account has a margin below 1%, (I didn't have any open trades) and because of this, my withdrawal request of $35,400 was denied, after 9 days waiting for a response.

I filed a complaint on the broker's website, requesting that the IPs and logins of all transactions made after 8am be made available to me. 

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Dear user,

This is BrokersView (, we have conveyed your complaint to Warren Bowie & Smith broker. Please provide some proofs to support your complaint:

we will try to urge broker to settle the issue. If any response, we will immediately inform you.

Best regards

BrokersView Team

Vera Lucia Kelly File a Complaint

I started trading with Warren Bonie & Smith in January 2024 with an initial deposit of $500.00. However, they started demanding more and more deposits, and on top of these deposits they added 50% of the company's capital, under the claim of bonuses to increase leverage. The trading contracts they told us to open were very high, and the risk was higher. On a few occasions, I had to make capital contributions to support the negative operations. 

But I also made good profits. I just can't withdraw from my account. The only approved withdrawal was $1,000.00, when I already had a profit of $44,000.00. And more and more they want us to make deposits into the account. On 03/08/2024, I closed the last open trading operation, and requested the closure of my account 11202543 on 03/11/2024, through all possible channels with this company. Including through messages to my account analyst Bryan. They are linking the closure of the account to maintaining more operations !!! It's absurd! I no longer wish to trade with this broker!!! I want my money and the profits from my trades and they don't want to release them!!! I don't recommend this broker to anyone!!! 

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