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Does Inefex allow scalping?
ANSWER Inefex does not disclose the strategies available on its platform. For the most current details, we advise reaching out to their customer service.Before you consider its trading conditions, it's crucial to understand its licensing status. Inefex is a forex broker registered solely with the Mauritius Financial Services Commission (Mauritius FSC), an offshore financial regulator that provides limited licensee information. Inefex purports to be operated by Novir Markets Ltd, and while a registered entity of the same name does exist on the Mauritius FSC website, the lack of comprehensive details impedes full verification.The registered office address and telephone number of the licensee are linked to the management company Blue Azurite Ltd, which offers a broad spectrum of corporate and fiduciary services. Consequently, the licensee details provided on the FSC website lack reference value. Furthermore, the Mauritius FSC does not disclose the licensee's website address, which could potentially allow unscrupulous brokers to illegally impersonate the entity. Therefore, it remains unverified whether Inefex ( is genuinely associated with the Mauritius FSC-licensed entity, and there is a risk of identity theft.We strongly urge investors to stay informed and exercise extreme caution when dealing with Inefex. To mitigate risks, we recommend opting for brokers that are under stringent regulation and have established reputations.
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