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How reliable is AXIORY as forex broker? Do they offer any kind of insurance to protect clients against corporate insolvency?
ANSWER Axiory is a trademark owned by Axiory Global Limited, a limited liability company established in Belize and is duly authorised by the International Financial Services Commission of Belize (IFSC), under License No. 100022/163. For more details, you can check our full Axiory review. However, there is something about Belize need to be mentioned. As an offshore zone with a zero tax structure, Belize is a well-known Forex hub where a great many brokers come to seek an opportunity to be a legit firm, yet to skip complicated and costly established procedures. Therefore, brokers overseen by IFSC is not under as strong regulation as FCA, ASIC and NFA regulated brokers. That means Axiory is a legit broker, but carries a certain risk owing to its weak regulation from Belize. Besides, IFSC provides neither insurance nor compensation for traders in any case. When you have disputes with a IFSC-regulated broker, you can proceed the following ways:1st way: The recommended way is to contact the broker directly and discuss with them to find a solution.2nd way: If you're not satisfied with the broker's solution, try to contact IFSC in Belize, which helps to solve the disputes between the forex broker and the investor. You can submit an online complaint form: 3rd way: If the 2 ways above can't solve the dispute, the last way is to issue a case to the court in Belize. 
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