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ZumaMarkets: A Murky Licensing Mystery

2024-02-12 Brokersview

unraveling ZumaMarkets' fraud

With conflicting information, a lack of transparency, and lingering doubts, ZumaMarkets leaves clients unsure of its legitimacy. This article will explore the crucial factors that raise questions and discover the truth behind ZumaMarkets' credibility. Unravel the mystery with us and make informed decisions for your financial journey.


Unravelling ZumaMarkets: A Brief Introduction


ZumaMarkets is a forex and CFD brokerage firm that claims to offer its clients the ultimate trading experience," prioritizing traders' needs with innovative technology, top-notch performance, and exceptional customer service. The company prides itself on real ECN trade execution with NDD technology, frontline security, and competitive spreads, starting at just 1 pip. There isn’t much data available on the company’s website concerning the offered account types, supported payment methods, trading platforms, etc. The firm hasn’t listed any educational resources either. In case you need to get in touch with the broker, live chat appears to be the only way forward. However, traders should exercise caution due to the lingering doubts surrounding its legitimacy.

ZumaMarkets' website homepage

Is ZumaMarkets Regulated?


ZumaMarkets claims to be a trading name of Red Pine Capital (PTY) Ltd., licensed and regulated by the FSCA in South Africa. However, the FSCA registry lacks trading names, making it challenging to confirm ZumaMarkets' legitimacy. There is another entity called "Trade245" that also uses Red Pine's license details, raising suspicion about cloned firms exploiting regulated entities' attributes without affiliation. Red Pine (PTY) Ltd.'s lack of response further exacerbates ZumaMarkets' regulatory status uncertainty.


Clientele Feedback: Mixed Reviews on ZumaMarkets


While some clients appreciate ZumaMarkets' helpful and friendly live chat support, others express concern about the lack of a regulatory license and questionable trading practices. One user had a positive experience opening an account, but another accused the broker of running a demo account instead of using real money for trading. Traders should exercise caution and conduct thorough research before engaging with ZumaMarkets.

clients' mixed reviews about ZumaMarkets

Deceptive Facade of ZumaMarkets: A Closer Look


- Doubtful Affiliation: Hailing from South Africa, ZumaMarkets claims affiliation with Red Pine Capital, but doubts arise due to a similar claim made by Trade245, later exposed as a clone firm. ZumaMarkets has removed its regulatory status, raising skepticism about its legitimacy and adding to the uncertainty surrounding this broker.


- Unfavorable Deposit Experience: Traders express discontent with ZumaMarkets as account verification and document signing processes are delayed after making deposits. Such unprofessional practices add to the growing concerns about the broker's reliability.

clients' dissatisfaction with ZumaMarkets

- Lack of Trustworthiness: Clients label ZumaMarkets as a company with little seriousness and unreliability. Accusations of deceptive tactics, including offering bonuses and later retracting them without explanation, heightened suspicions that ZumaMarkets may be running a scam.      

clients describe ZumaMarkets as unreliable

Bottom Line


Despite multiple positive comments, ZumaMarkets' credibility remains questioned as it fails to confirm its affiliation with Red Pine (PTY) Ltd. This raises suspicions that ZumaMarkets might be a clone, a tactic that offshore brokers employ to gain credibility using the names of regulated entities. The uncertainty surrounding its license status casts a cloud of doubt over the legitimacy of this trading platform. Therefore, it is pertinent to check a broker's credibility with third-party independent reviewer firms like Brokersview. Doing so helps you avoid any potential scams and keeps you protected.


The ZumaMarkets website is currently inaccessible.