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Unveiling the Truth: Is InvestPro Markets as Trusted as It Claims?

2024-04-01 Brokersview

Unveiling the Truth: Is InvestPro Markets as Trusted as It Claims?

Discerning investors seek secure avenues for growth in the ever-evolving landscape of financial opportunities. But have you ever wondered about the legitimacy of platforms like InvestPro Markets? Delving into this matter, BrokersView uncovers a disturbing truth that demands attention. Behind the facade of promises and potential lies an unsettling reality. InvestPro Markets, a name that has gained prominence, stands accused of orchestrating a sophisticated scam that has left numerous investors in financial ruin.


InvestPro Markets: A Closer Look at Deceptive Claims

InvestPro Markets, founded in 2014 by a group of 'foreign exchange market professionals', claimed to aspire to become the world's favorite forex broker. They emphasized success as linked to client profitability and touted an ECN forex model offering access to real-time streaming and competitive prices from multi-bank liquidity providers. Promised features included fast trade execution, tight spreads from 2 pips, floating leverage up to 1:500, and a range of account types. However, behind these alluring claims lies a complex web of deception, as InvestPro Markets stands accused of orchestrating a sophisticated scam that preyed on unsuspecting investors. 


Homepage of InvestPro Markets


Is InvestPro Markets Regulated?

InvestPro Markets, operating through the domain, asserts regulation by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC) under license number 40289. However, this numder does not exict on the VFSC listing. It is essential to note that certain unscrupulous entities exploit VFSC's regulatory details without verifiable authentication, casting doubt on the association between the licensed entity and InvestPro Markets as a trading entity.

Nothing Found in VFSC


Clientele Feedback

Client feedback reflects a mixed sentiment towards InvestPro Markets. While the trading platform, leverage, and minimum deposit are considered accommodating, concerns arise over high transaction costs impacting profits. The option of a Standard account with a $100 deposit and rich trading instruments is appreciated, but some clients hesitate due to substantial capital requirements for specific account types. The allure of offerings such as generous leverage and specialized accounts is weighed against potential alternatives.


Comments about InvestPro Markets


Unveiling the Scam: InvestPro Markets' Deceptive Facade

CNMV Warning Signals: On March 27, 2022, the Spanish Commission Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV) sounded the alarm by officially including InvestPro Markets in its list of warnings. 


CNMV Warning


Perturbed Potential Clients: Aspiring investors express confusion and scepticism about InvestPro Markets' legitimacy. A potential client's plea for authentication underscores the lack of transparent information to confirm the platform's genuine standing, leaving them apprehensive.


Client doubt about InvestPro Markets


Evasion of Direct Communication: A stark contrast to reputable platforms, InvestPro Markets restricts contact to written channels, shying away from direct communication through live chat or phone calls. This tactic, while subtle, raises suspicions about their commitment to open and honest interactions with clients.


Screenshots of InvestPro Markets's website


Bottom Line

Beneath its attractive appearance, InvestPro Markets is accused of deliberately tricking and taking advantage of unsuspecting investors. Clear signs of carefully planned trickery create doubt and suspicion, making things uncertain. In this complicated financial world, being watchful, doing careful research, and listening to BrokerView's advice is essential to stay safe from possible problems.