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Tickmill Launches Tickmill Social Trading, a Social Trading Platform

2023-09-13 Brokersview

Tickmill logo.

Tickmill, a global multi-asset broker, recently launched Tickmill Social Trading, a social trading platform to help traders and agents explore new profit opportunities.


On the platform, experienced traders and strategy providers can share their trading strategies with other traders and earn Performance Fees on the profits they generate for their Followers. Trades can be automatically copied from the strategy providers to the Followers' accounts.


The broker also announced an exclusive offer for Strategy Providers: for every Follower who copies a Trader for 30 days, Tickmill will pay up to $30, capped at 100 Followers.


"We are thrilled to launch this new project that we have been developing for a while now to empower our traders' experience. Tickmill Social Trading aims to bring closer together Tickmill traders in a mutually beneficial way, offering them an opportunity to optimize their trading journey and foster a community of traders of different experience levels that can learn from each other, " said Sudhanshu Agarwal, Executive Director of Tickmill.


"Tickmill Social Trading is expected to benefit not only traders, by giving them simple access to the strategies of successful traders, but it's also an important tool to help our partners develop their network and enhance their services. Tickmill Social Trading is, therefore, a key step in our commitment to helping our partners grow with us, " added Carla Nemr, Chief of Business Development.