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Ranking List of Complaints Satisfaction in February 2024 Newly Released

2024-03-01 Brokersview

Ranking List of Complaints Satisfaction in February 2024 Newly Released

Most investors, in particular beginners, are prone to ignore a broker’s service attitude when selecting a trading platform. However, the attitude towards customers will significantly affect the trading experience. Therefore, to assist investors in making an informed decision, BrokersView monthly updates the list of brokers and ranks them by complaints satisfaction. We aim to provide useful insight into how they value their clients’ opinions and the overall level of customer service they provide.


The most prevalent complaints this month encompass a variety of issues. These include Inability to withdraw, withdrawal delays, fake profits, inaccessible official website, unresponsive customer services. The list of involved brokers is provided below for reference purposes.


The Good List of Complaints Satisfaction in February 2024


The Bad List of Complaints Satisfaction in February 2024


The quality of customer service is one of the most important criteria for the trustworthiness of a broker. Most responsible and reliable brokers provide satisfactory answers and solutions to their clients' questions and complaints. It is a proven fact that the brokers on Good List are often legitimate brokers who have been subjected to relatively strict regulations and who value their brand reputation.


Brokers on Bad List are dissatisfied their clients are risky and fake, and the subject of the complaints is mostly related to withdrawals. The financial markets serve as a method for investors to generate profits, and no investor would willingly engage with a broker who imposes restrictions on fund withdrawals or deceives them with false profit claims.


BrokersView wants to underscore the importance of staying informed about broker-related complaints which, along with regulatory information, can serve as helpful indicators when it comes to selecting a broker. Taking complaints into account helps reduce risks. In case of any suspected violations, investors can file a complaint through BrokersView. Acting as a third party to protect your rights at no cost, we will assist you in communicating with the broker or help you send emails to the regulator.


Submit a complaint via this link to BrokersView: