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QUICK START BONUS—Grow pro fast with $100 no-deposit bonus in FBS

2021-04-16 BrokersView

Break into trading with Quick Start bonus

Get free $100 and follow our in-built guide in the mobile trading platform FBS Trader to learn trading basics in 7 steps.

We’ll walk you through the whole workflow, share the tips, and let you trade without risks.

What you will get with Quick Start bonus

You will learn how to trade mobile in FBS Trader and trade real profit with $100 that we give you.

We share the knowledge – you trade and profit!

Just 7 steps to take

1. Open a bonus account with free $100 in FBS Trader

2. Study the key tools

3. Place your first order

4. Explore how to manage risks

5. Manage your funds

6. Trade on your own

7. Transfer the profit to a real account in FBS Trader

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