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Join the BrokersView 2024 Outstanding Trading Institutions Awards · Middle East Edition now! Don't miss this opportunity to participate!

2023-11-14 BrokersView

We are delighted to announce the official launch of the "BrokersView Outstanding Trading Institutions Awards - Middle East Edition"! This marks a significant moment where we focus on outstanding achievements and future prospects in the financial sector, and most importantly, it's a recognition of exceptional institutions in the financial field.


In the financial industry, we have always strived for excellence and innovation. We are committed to providing a more prosperous, stable, and intelligent financial market for all. Therefore, we need your help and opinions to recognize and reward those institutions that have excelled in this field.


This award program is divided into two key segments: the "Most Popular Broker Award" and the "BV Assessment Awards." The Most Popular Broker Award will be determined through a process of nominations and voting, while the BV Assessment Awards will be based on the results of evaluations conducted in December, with the first-place institutions receiving their awards at the awards ceremony.


We are now inviting you to take part in this exciting journey by nominating your favorite trading institutions. Let's make sure they have the opportunity to shine in this award program.


How to Participate:


1. Nominate Candidates: If you believe that a trading institution has achieved outstanding results in the financial field and deserves recognition, please nominate them. You just need to click on【Nominate Now】, fill in the corresponding information and submit it before November 30.


2. Vote for Institutions: Once the nomination process is complete, we will announce the list of nominations for everyone to vote on to select the most popular trading institution. Your votes will determine the final winners.


3. Award Ceremony: The grand event will be held in Dubai in January 2024.


This event is not only a celebration within the financial industry but also an opportunity for remarkable institutions and individuals to grow and collaborate. We look forward to your participation in creating a more prosperous and vibrant future for the financial market.


Let's make the financial market more excellent and the future even brighter!