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Interactive Brokers Extends Trading Hours for U.S. Treasury Bonds

2024-04-29 BrokersView

Interactive Brokers Extends Trading Hours for U.S. Treasury Bonds

Electronic securities trading company Interactive Brokers has announced an extension of its U.S. Treasury bonds trading hours.


Currently, the trading session closes daily at 5:00 pm ET, reopens at 8:00 pm EDT, and continues until 5:00 pm the following day. During Eastern Standard Time, the market operates from 7:00 pm to 5:00 pm.


The broker said the extended trading hours are designed to cater to the needs of global clients, who can plan their trading hours according to local time, as well as to facilitate rapid response to global market news and economic events, thereby improving the effectiveness and flexibility of their portfolios for greater returns.


Thomas Frank, Executive Vice President of Interactive Brokers, said: "The extension of trading hours for US Treasury bonds represents a significant enhancement to our offerings. It is part of an ongoing effort to expand our bond offering by adding new coverage, products, venues and liquidity. We aim to provide our clients with the most flexible and comprehensive trading environment possible. With clients in over 200 countries and territories, it’s essential that we accommodate their needs and provide opportunities to trade on a schedule that suits them best, expecially in a market as crucial as that of US Treasuries."