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Interactive Brokers Expands Overnight Trading Hours for US Stocks and ETFs

2023-09-28 Brokersview

Interactive Brokers Expands Overnight Trading Hours for US Stocks and ETFs

Interactive Brokers, the electronic securities trading company, has announced a significant expansion of its "overnight trading hours," enabling global investors to trade tens of thousands of U.S. stocks and ETFs flexibly 24 hours a day, five days a week.


This expansion will bring great convenience to customers in Asia and Europe. No matter what time zone they are in, they can buy US stocks at their convenience.


Milan Galik, Chief Executive Officer at Interactive Brokers, said: "Overnight Trading is an important service that helps our clients make timely trading decisions and capture investment opportunities around the clock. By extending Overnight Trading to thousands of US stocks and ETFs, our global clients have a greater choice of what and when to trade at almost any time. "


To improve the liquidity of overnight trading, it has also partnered with Blue Ocean ATS, whose service can facilitate global users during non-traditional U.S. market hours, transforming US trading into global trading.


The executive added that IB SmartRoutingSM technology automatically routes orders to the optimal overnight trading destinations.


Brian Hyndman, CEO of Blue Ocean Technologies, said: "Interactive Brokers is the perfect broker for us to connect to because of their global footprint and commitment to market access for investors worldwide. We are pleased to collaborate with Interactive Brokers and help further our mission to give investors the ability to trade US markets regardless of their time zone."