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HF Markets: What Do Consumers Say about it?

2023-09-18 Brokersview

Explore the opinions customers hold about HF Markets

In the world of online forex trading, the appearance of some brokers can be deceiving. What truly matters is what happens when you start trading with them. This is precisely where user reviews become invaluable, they may furnish investors with invaluable glimpses into a potential broker's operational performance and customer satisfaction. 


In this article, BrokersView collected user reviews for the forex broker HF Markets. Let's dive into the opinions customers hold about the broker, which may shed some light on choosing the right broker for you.


About HF Markets


HF Markets (HFM), which is an international forex and commodities broker, formerly known as HotForex, was established in 2010. HF Markets offers trading services and facilities to both retail and institutional clients. HFM is registered with St. Vincent & the Grenadine as an international business company and has multiple branches in various regions such as Cyprus, the UK, and Dubai, which have the appropriate licenses for those regions.

The official website of HF Markets

HFM offers various account types (Premium, Pro, Zero, CENT), trading software (MT4, MT5, and the HFM Platform), and tools to facilitate individuals and institutional customers to trade forex and derivatives online. 


More positive feedback


Overall, HF Markets has received good ratings from more customers, with some negative reviews from fewer users.


Good trading environment


From the design of its trading app and the ease of opening an account to specific features, HF Markets seemed to provide a lot of clients with a good trading environment. The account types were praised for meeting various trading styles and budgets. 

Many clients consider the trading environment of HF Markets good

What HF Markets brought something unexpected and interesting to Umayyah Falah is its copy trading system. Taha Bawazir also considered copy trading as the broker's most attractive feature. 

HF Markets' copy trading system receives positive feedback

In terms of trading conditions, such as order execution, account options, trading platforms, and leverage size appeared to be friendly for some traders.

Some traders found the trading conditions offered by HF Markets to be friendly

Good trading experience


HF Markets creates a good trading experience for both its regular clients and newcomers. As a trusted trading partner of Fatema Amiji, who has been trading with HF Markets for over a decade, the broker has never disappointed him. Maaz, who has been dealing with the broker for over one year, suggested that everything has been going not bad. In Tiwonge's opinion, HF Markets may not be perfect but he decided to stay. Some new and existing clients have good experience with HF Markets

High popularity among users


We found that quite a few users simply expressed their love for HF Markets in a few words. Some described the broker as the best when it comes to seminars, accounts, and trading. 

Clients generally express their love for HF Markets

Brian Mngomezulu regarded HF Markets as an excellent broker, speaking well of almost every aspect of the broker.

A client praises almost all aspects of HF Markets



HF Markets was also applauded for its richness. Some said it has many features and numerous tools, some said it enables access to a variety of asset classes, and others said it offers a bunch of trading opportunities.

Clients praise the richness of HF Markets, such as tools and asset classes

Areas for improvement


Some HF Markets clients shared their feelings about what they considered not very satisfactory with the broker. The technical tools were helpful for JAWAD A., but education sources were not as advanced as he expected. Amir Ibrahim noted a challenge for EA (Expert Advisors) trading, he found opening trades sometimes slow. He said that customer service at HF Markets is not as good as it used to be, but the account managers are still very dedicated.

Some clients point out areas where they are not satisfied with HF Markets

As a scalper, Shovon W trades intensively, so he wanted to open a single trade with one click rather than ten clicks. “GT Fortune” has never encountered issues with deposit and withdrawal during his more than two years of trading with HF Markets, but he reported a downtime problem with the MT4 platform. 

One client reports occasional MT4 platform downtime

Poor user feedback on HF Markets


Negative feedback from some users on HF Markets mainly surrounds the common topics: accounts and funds. Oscar Ramos failed to open a live trading account due to a phone number verification issue, and his account manager never called him back. So such a minor issue upset him a lot. 

One client was unable to open a live trading account

There are condemnations from some customers of deposits disappearing, unresponsive emails, and profit deductions. They remained vigilant against the broker and considered it fraudulent. HF Markets has not responded to these issues reported by its clients.

Some clients assume HF Markets is fraudulent

The above reviews were collected from the Internet on September 14.


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