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Exclusive: Clients Profitability of 37 Retail Brokers in November 2021

2021-11-18 BrokersView


It's been more than a year since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, which brings a huge growth in trading volumes to a number of trading platforms and commodities. The pandemic is expected to have a huge impact on forex trading and financial markets for a long time.

A total of 37 retail brokers' data has been collected in November 2021 to see the dealings of brokers and retail traders.


*The actual loss ratio for Swissquote is 74-89%, with the average values applied in the table above.

As you can see from the chart, the average winning rate is 28.55% and the average losing rate is 71.45%.

FXOpen ranks number one for a whopping 40% winning ratio. Saxo Bank is in second place with 39% winning rate. Other brokers in the top 5 are also notable: One Financial Markets (35.8%), TeraFX (35.66%) and ActivTrades (35%).

Brokers likeSwissquote and Capital Index are still shown over 80% losing ratio.


*The actual loss ratio for Swissquote and HYCM in October is 74-89%, with the average values applied in the table above.

It can be seen from this table that among the 37 brokers, 3 brokers have higher lossing ratio, 13 have lower, and other brokers keep the the same lossing ratio.

Of particular note was the change in the data for Blackwell Global. Its lossing ratio improved the most, from 60% in October to 76.4% in November 2021. 

By contrast, FxPro reports a 12.56% MoM decline in lossing ratio in November.