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Ex-CCO of cTrader to Launch Proprietary Trading Firm PipFarm

2024-03-26 Brokersview

Ex-CCO of cTrader to Launch Proprietary Trading Firm PipFarm

James Glyde is to launch a new proprietary trading brand PipFarm in Singapore, which is expected to operate at cTrader.


Glyde, as CEO of PipFarm, has over a decade of experience in the online trading industry. He previously worked for Spotware Systems, a leading forex technology provider, which developed the cTrader trading platform that is currently gaining popularity in the prop trading industry. During his six-year tenure, he was first the Business Development Manager of this company and was later promoted to Chief Commercial Officer.


He has also worked for several well-established brokers and proprietary trading firms, such as TopFX, Scandinavian Markets and Nordic Funder.


"After several months of development and weeks of beta testing, we have the most stable and tested cTrader integration," said Glyde. "Our deep understanding of the funded trader space and state-of-the-art proprietary technology, combined with the exceptional capabilities of cTrader, equips us to offer a supportive environment where traders can thrive."