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Assessing 32 Platforms in 30 Days: See How Your Preferred Platform Stacks Up

2024-04-03 Brokersview


The March BV assessment data has been officially unveiled, offering a systematic, comprehensive, and real-time evaluation of 32 brokers over a 30-day period. We evaluated the pros and cons of each major broker based on six core indicators: trading speed, stability, liquidity, spreads, slippage, and overnight interest. The evaluation took place in Dubai, and the results are presented as below.


NO.1 Decode Global


The top platform is Decode Global, headquartered in Vanuatu and established in 2004. Decode Global exhibited exceptional performance in stability, execution price, spreads, and more.


Decode Global showed a remarkably low daily average number of disconnections, standing at only 0.2, outperforming 74% of brokers. Its achieved 68 quotes on EURUSD per minute, surpassing 55% of brokers. Moreover, its average slippage was -0.6 and average spread was 11.5, both superior to those of similar brokers. While trading speed and liquidity were average, Decode Global's overall score of 74.62 secured its top rank.


NO.2 AUS Global


The platform is headquartered in Cyprus and was established in 2003, offering a minimum deposit of 50USD and a maximum leverage of 1:500. AUS Global has showcased outstanding performance in platform stability, execution price, and spreads.


Notably, AUS Global recorded an average daily disconnections of 0 in March, surpassing the majority of brokers. The average slippage on EURUSD was +0.8, with a slippage probability of 63%. Furthermore, the platform maintained an average spread of 2.4. While trading speed and overnight interest rates were average, AUS Global achieved an overall score of 71.98, securing the second position.




XM is based in Cyprus and was founded in 2009. The platform clinched the third spot largely due to its outstanding performance across stability, execution price, spreads, and overnight interest.


With a daily average of 0.4 disconnections, XM's stability surpassed that of 39% of brokers. The platform maintained an average slippage of +0.2 on EURUSD, with a slippage probability of 58%, and an average spread of 11.1. While trading speed and liquidity performance were average, XM achieved an overall score of 71.63.


NO.4 GO Markets


GO Markets is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia and was founded in 2006. It exhibited an average slippage of -0.9 on EURUSD, with a slippage probability of 76%.


Its average trading speed was 390ms, outperforming most brokers. Additionally, with an average of only 0.2 disconnections per day, GO Markets surpassed 68% of brokers. However, its performance in terms of spreads and overnight interest was average.


NO.5 IC Markets


Based in Seychelles and founded in 2007, IC Markets offers a maximum leverage of 1:500. The platform recorded an average of 0.3 daily disconnections and an average slippage of +1.2 on EURUSD, with a slippage probability of 59%. However, IC Markets' liquidity and overnight interest rate were deemed average, resulting in deductions for the platform.


We're expanding our assessment to cover a wider range of indicators, brokers, and areas, so stay tuned for updates! If you would like us to test a specific broker, or if you would like your broker to be included in the review, please feel free to contact us.