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Unable to withdraw funds in Swiss KMS copy trading
Enrique Jose Mungai
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Swiss KMS
Claims: Fund Recovery
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Some time ago, I received a message from an investment friend, saying that the continued rise in gold prices is the best investment opportunity, and he shared his income, a total of 200 million, which had a huge visual impact. Although I have no impression of this "friend", I just remember that he was a friend added through the investment and financial management group. 

But since the other party can actively share trading strategies and can make money by following orders, my doubts have been dispelled, and I immediately started asking how to invest and make money. For this fleeting opportunity to make money, the other party recommended Swiss KMS. According to the other party's guidance, I deposited money and conducted copy trading. 

However, when I wanted to log in to the website again to check my copying status, I found that the website could no longer be logged in, and the previous "investment friend" had already blocked me. Only then did I realize that I had been cheated.

1 comment