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They stole my money the app name ST5 MAX And the website is
Ahmed Ali
Egypt 2023-09-21
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USDC Investment
Claims: Fund Recovery
Amount: --
Progress: Replied
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Dear trader

Thank you for your trust.

We have conveyed your Complaint to the broker USDC Investment, and we are waiting for a reply.

However, since the broker is not regulated, they may not be willing to address your concern actively.

It is also suggested that you report the case to the local police and the regulatory agencies.

While we cannot guarantee the recovery of your funds, we are committed to providing assistance and support in any way we can. 

Ahmed Ali Replenished the Complaint
The total amount is $3778 The message I received is below: USDC system prompts: The UID97391885 system has detected that your account is suspected of intentional money laundering. We need to verify and review your account. You need to pay a deposit of 1,133.68USD (30%) within 24 hours, and the system will remove your restriction within 1 hour. (Deposits need to be withdrawn after 24 hours)
Ahmed Ali File a Complaint

I was subjected to a scam by some one on social media who convinced me to pump more money into this platform and so trading operations to win money under their guidance and regarding their instructions . Every time I got a return from the trading process, I started by pumping $100 and got a return of $16. They convinced me to increase the pumping of more money until I added an amount of 2800. Dollars, and every once in a while I carried out trading operations according to their instructions until the total money in my account reached about $3,750. They taught me a procedure for withdrawing money. I tried to withdraw $30 and I succeeded and When I tried to withdrew $3,000, the amount was suspended for a day. An email was sent to me to communicate with a person on Telegram. When I contacted him to inquire, why I was not able to withdraw. Amount: I have been informed that the account has been suspended on suspicion of money laundering, and you must pay 30% of the amount of $1,100 to recover your account, and the amount will be recovered within two days. When I searched, I found that some people in Brazil and other countries have the same problem with this platform. Is there a solution? Please, to recover my money.