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Unethical practices and unfair trading practices

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CONTENT I've had my account with them for a solid five years, and it's been fully verified. Recently, I opened a new MT4 account, deposited funds two months ago, and have been actively trading since. To my surprise, I discovered today that my trading activity was abruptly disabled. Upon checking my email, I found correspondence from FBS stating that my account has been frozen due to an internal investigation related to their Anti-Money Laundering Policy. They're now requesting an extensive list of documents including proof of the sources of my funds, bank statements, utility bills, and even a video of me holding my passport or ID near my face.This level of scrutiny would be understandable at the outset of establishing an account or initiating trading, but after five years of account tenure and consistent trading for two months, it's disconcerting to say the least. Compounding matters, I've recently experienced significant losses, with my account plummeting by 90%. However, I've been steadily working towards recovery, managing to regain a substantial portion of my losses.Adding to my concerns are observations of what appears to be market manipulation and instances of significant slippage in my orders. This entire experience has led me to question the integrity of FBS as a brokerage firm. It's becoming increasingly apparent that their primary focus is on acquiring deposits rather than facilitating genuine market access for their
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aftek informatics

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CONTENT At the outset, I wish to clarify that I am a vulnerable customer and not having any knowledge of the capital trading market and I have been lured by your broker Mr Rahul Shaikh and advised wrongly to enter into certain trades, which I am not understanding and various swap charges have been deducted from my account without informing or advising. I have not been given any statement also inspite of my repeated requests. Following is the narrative of incident happened with me: I am Rakesh Kumar Living at Delhi India. In December I got a call to trade in Forex from Capitalix .I told them that I Have no knowledge of this market and they explained that they will do everything ,you just have to invest a little money. When I told again and again that I do not know anything he said that only a Hindi speaking person will tell you when and what to do. Then a call came from Sheikh Rahul and he opened my account with $200. Now the real fraud started, they made trades and kept showing losses and kept telling me that you keep depositing margin and suddenly recovery will come. While doing so, they got deposited my $15,150 from me. I have paid all money from my credit card from a bank which is borrowed fund. Despite my repeated asking, he did not tell me anything as to how such a loss was happening in a trade of $3000. When I asked for the statement again and again, they gave me all the charges in which their company ate my money by imposing what they call swap charges. They had hidden it, but when I asked them to return it, they started threatening me to put in 4800$ more otherwise the money would become zero. And its manager threatened on the phone that if the money is not deposited, he will neither call you nor answer you. I didn't have any more money, I closed all the trades on my own and with folded hands asked for my remaining $3500 back. They repaid $3500 and charged me a returning charges of INR 3000 for returning it. I am again submitting that I am not aware of any trades an
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