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Penipuan Investasi Titip Dana
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Indonesia 2024-03-27
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Claims: Compensation for Trading Losses,Fund Recovery,Misleading claims,Apology,Others
Amount: $7500
Progress: Processing
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For all members in this group who know this person, his name is EKSANUDIN. Please be careful if you try to offer investment or entrust investment funds for trading (be it forex trading or other forms of investment).

I am a victim of Exanudin's fraud using the forex investment mode which occurred in July 2020 with a loss of 75 million.

Initially I met Eksanudin in a trading group, then he offered to invest in forex trading and promised a return of 25% per month, then after 6 months the capital was returned. When offering investment, Eksanudin assured me that he wanted to build an Islamic boarding school from trading proceeds. Previously I asked him what if the trade lost, he said it was impossible because he was trading with small lots. In essence, at that time I believed in his trading abilities and sweet promises.

But it turned out that after a month had passed, the promised money was not given to me, instead he said he lost all his trading because he overslept and forgot to set a stop loss and asked me to add capital (top up) while recovering. From there I suspected that I had been deceived.

I kept all evidence of the chat agreement when he offered investment, including proof of transfer and photos of exanudin.

Through chat I urged Eksanudin to return my money, but he insisted that all trading funds had been lost.

Because I pressured him to take responsibility, he blocked me and I lost contact with him.

I pocketed all the evidence.