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How can I get back 3500eur
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Ireland 2024-03-24
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Claims: Fund Recovery,Misleading claims
Amount: $3787.21
Progress: Replied
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Dear user,

BrokersView has Reviewed that MacroFxTrade is an Unregulated Broker, you may refer to

Please don't invest money into this broker again.

We have conveyed your complaint to MacroFxTrade broker. Could you please provide some proofs to support your complaint? including trading account number, deposit, trading records and chat history with them. You may add proofs in your complaint.

We will try to urge broker to settle your issue. If any response, we will immediately inform you.

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I was introduced to Trading by Macrofxtrade agent Busisiwe Ngwenya ( it all sounded legitimate. She asked for a minimum investment of 350  , we use Euros and return of 4000 in 5days , she was extremely convincing. She registered my details with Macrofxtrade, passport verification etc which made it look normal.  She assisted me with making a bit Panda account for money transfers. I deposited my first 400 as explained that there was transfer fees etc. At this stage the account she created at Macrofxtrade looked live and all needed was to get the investment in to start the trade. After the transfer was done , the trading session begun, after 5 days it didn't complete and it was showing the money made so Far, Busisiwe Ngwenya asked for a 1000 to upgrade the account to complete the trade, she explained that this doesn't happen often in order to get the funds we need to upgrade the account. I stopped for a month and didn't want anything to do with it . She would contact me time to time convincing how this is going to work.  Eventually I paid the 1000 Euro and the trade ended... The metrics showed that I had made 16000... When it came to withdraw funds, I was shocked to hear that you must pay commission upfront if 4200.. The company charges 25% of your profit when trade ends .I argued with her that I had not received any profits, how can a commission be paid upfront? She spoke to her managers and she told me to pay half 2101 inorder to receive profits.   and promised that there was no more fees .  I will receive my funds in 24hrs once the money was paid. When it came to transfer profits there was a problem and asked me to contact Coinbase finance as they were goin' to send profits.  Coinbase asked me for 3000 inorder to receive my funds and they were extremely rude. I got no profits and was told to behave like a woman not a man. Im launching a complain via FBI. These companies needs to be stopped.