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Hengchang is a fraudulent broker, hedging and locking positions and then having to pay taxes
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Claims: Fund Recovery
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When I first started losing money, I didn't withdraw it. When I wanted to withdraw it, I was told that I had made a reservation for spread business and that I had to wait until the cancellation was made the next working day before I could withdraw it. Then a so-called kind-hearted trader appeared to help me with the operation, and the amount doubled that night, and then my position was locked due to improper operation. On Monday, the account manager told me that I had to pay a total of 30 lots of margin for short and long orders before I could withdraw money to close the position. I paid 94,000, and I said that I had no money to cover it, and then this so-called The kind-hearted brother paid it for me. I wanted to withdraw cash. He told me that I had to pay a tax of 9,700 before I could withdraw cash. I don’t want my principal anymore. You must not believe HengChang. He has no financial supervision license at all. He is just a pig-butchering scam.