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Founded: - Min Deposit: 200 USD

Headquarters: Seychelles Max Lev: 1 : 500

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Seychelles FSA SD089

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F20, 1st floor, Eden Plaza, Eden Island, Victoria, Seychelles
Time Zone GMT+3
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Windows,  iOS,  Android
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I would like to know if it is worth it to use PAMM accounts and getting passive income if I’m not good at trading?

Lorenzo Molina
ANSWER According to XS, "Percentage Allocation Money Management (PAMM) solution is a trading tool that allows experienced traders to execute trades on behalf of investors. The PAMM platform enables experienced traders to leverage their success by creating their own investment fund. The PAMM account allows investors to pool their funds together, providing them access to experienced traders and their trading strategies. This PAMM account gives investors more trading options and enables them to follow experienced traders, and the potential to earn higher returns." We advise contacting the broker's customer service team to gain a thorough understanding of PAMM accounts before making any investment decisions.However, investment inherently involves risks, and it's essential to acknowledge this reality. PAMM accounts are a solution offered by brokers for investors seeking to generate income, but these tools do not assure passive earnings and should be approached with caution. In fact, the effectiveness of investment activities is significantly influenced by the investor's financial acumen, trading expertise, and other critical factors. It is imperative to gain a solid foundation in trading knowledge and fully comprehend the risks involved before committing funds. It is advisable to use a Demo account prior to risking real funds. Remember, investing is synonymous with risk-taking.
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20 Reviews

Cost 7.3

Platforms 7.9

Deposit & Withdrawal 7.0

Customer Support 7.1

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19 Reviews

Sergio Eilertsen
7-12 months Norway
I’m still a new trader and don’t know how long it will take me to gain confidence and profitability to reach my goal of trading independently, but I am here to stay, trade, and get there one day. :)What I liked about XS in the beginning was that everything was simple for me, as a complete beginner to get around their platform. From registering an account, to choosing the trading app. I liked that they have the MT4 app, which is the one I had little experience with.What I like about XS now are their trading terms. I switched to the Pro acc and now trade with improved spreads.
Serratos R
1-3 years Mexico
This is great for trading metals and energy IMO, comissions are low, and for me spreads on NGAS are below 1 usually (like 0.5-0.9). Extremely good swaps too, im just farming with longs on UK/US oil. Price usually appreciates, and even if it doesn't, its hard not to be in the green 🤑I personally dont partake, but if I would trade currencies, it'd probably be here as well.
Osvaldo Brito
1-3 years Brazil
Is it just me or everybody has a favorite trading instrument? It is one of those random questions that I think of at times. My own favorite instrument to trade will be the XAUUSD... there is almost always a way to make money trading gold. And the good thing is that the broker gives me very good trading conditions with superb execution and liquidity. Liquidity is everything in trading, and if you understand market liquidity, I think you might just have the market figured out.Yeah, I have been successfully trading gold here, whether I am scalping, going ling, or hedging, it all works for me.
Roderigo Rascon
7-12 months Standard Account Mexico
With this review, I wanna rate the XS broker which seems to be quite an interesting solution for dya trading, for scalping, positional tradign or whatever else. Indeed, not everything is super perfect out here, for instance, spreads sometimes widen much, but if you know how to choose tiem for trading properly, then it's not an issue for you. I trade variety of markets, I like how streamlined is the process of depositing and withdrawing funds, especially using their XS mastercard. and XS wallet. They have done a good job implementing this function, so everything is okay with them, mainly.
Erik Molina
I have been trading with this broker for a while now. It has been around my 8 months of being with the company and I haven’t had any issues. The expert review is not all that accurate and has just very little information, but a lot of it is inaccurate. But this is just a general overview. . . they are all good. Everything that concerns this broker has gone smooth and seamless most especially with their customer service staff. They are well behaved in terms of their communication skills, always a
10 hours ago
marcos s.
1-3 years Argentina
Trading with this broker bears its fruit. I came as a rookie, but nowadays I am able to make consistent gains. Not all the time, as market is such a thing that isn't predictable whatsoever, but anyway. I like the performance of MT5 here, execution leaves no questions, even though sometimes I am lacking instruments, it's not a big deal. There are always several options how to conduct analysis.
1-3 years Brazil
I think this is a very decent broker honestly. Very good support team I have to say, but most of the other things are really just there. Not special, but effective.
Alfredo Moreno
Over 3 years Standard Account Colombia
I am a regular here. I'd say, an avid oldie of the broker. I have passed through a lot with it, and I remember how it kicked off and what it looked like and what we have now. Evolution is obvious. My favorite assets here are forex pairs, shares and metals. Conditions pretty much correspond to my needs and with every updated, they are getting even better and more comfortable. Props!
Yossi Khor
7-12 months Standard Account Serbia
XS probably has the best trading conditions for us, I am very very good with all the stuff I get as a trader and I have never coplained about anything.
Samandha Mallick
Withdrawal is normal, fast and safe. Need to verify the account identity
Mayur Kondo
It would be nice to have more bonuses. There is only a 10% bonus now.

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