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Founded: 2007 Min Deposit: 100 USD

Headquarters: Limassol, Cyprus Max Lev: 1 : 500

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a regulated broker

CySEC 281/15
SVG FSA 26796
NFA 0430385
+357 25055966
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Global Offices
Multilingual Support
Quick Response
Headquarters Address
10 Chrysanthou Mylona, MAGNUM HOUSE 3030 Limassol, Cyprus
Founded 2007
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Time Zone GMT
Credit Profile No information
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Windows,  iOS,  Android,  Webtrader
Windows,  iOS,  Android,  Webtrader
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Chinese,  English,  Indonesian,  Italian,  Malay,  Polish,  Russian,  Spanish,  Ukrainian,  Vietnamese
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Chinese,  English,  Indonesian,  Italian,  Malay,  Polish,  Russian,  Spanish,  Ukrainian,  Vietnamese

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53 Reviews

Cost 7.5

Platforms 7.5

Deposit & Withdrawal 7.0

Customer Support 7.5

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52 Reviews

7-12 months Bosnia and Herzegovina
Just2Trade is a quick start on the trading market with a minimum entry threshold of $100. Verification of the account without any pitfalls.
1-3 years Guam
I highly recommend Just2trade, especially for those who are still in the process of becoming professionals in the financial markets. This broker provides an extensive educational platform, including practical training sessions conducted by their experts. The educational material on their website is not just suitable for beginners but also beneficial for traders at various levels of experience. I personally opened a real account nearly a year ago, and I continue to enhance my trading strategy by utilizing the valuable information available in the training section. Due to my limited time for active trading, I opted to connect to a manager's PAMM account. What sets Just2trade apart is its vibrant community of traders, each with their own service offerings and track records. As someone who prefers a more conservative approach to trading, I was pleased to find a manager with a strategy that aligns with my moderate risk tolerance. This flexibility in choosing a manager based on their trading style and risk level is a significant advantage of investing through Just2trade.
Md Safayet Hossain
Over 3 years United Arab Emirates
As I ventured into the realm of changing my broker, Just2Trade caught my attention for a few key reasons. Its affiliation with a holding company, offering an additional layer of security and dispute resolution, was a significant factor in my decision. This aspect of Just2Trade suggested a commitment to client support and reliability. Upon first visiting Just2Trade's website, I found the layout somewhat intricate and challenging to navigate. The complexity of the website might be overwhelming for newcomers to trading. The website could benefit from a more user-friendly design, simplifying the process for users to find and understand the information they need. I was impressed by the responsiveness of the customer support team. They were quick to address inquiries, showcasing Just2Trade's dedication to client service. The level of analytics provided by Just2Trade was commendable. The insights and analysis available were sophisticated and beneficial for informed trading decisions. One noteworthy aspect was the considerable widening of spreads. This factor needs to be considered, especially for those who trade in volatile market conditions or employ specific trading strategies. It became evident that a mere $100 deposit would not suffice for significant profits. Just2Trade seems more suitable for traders who can work with larger amounts, as the trading conditions favor substantial capital. Just2Trade appears to cater more effectively to high-volume traders. Those who can afford to trade with larger amounts may find Just2Trade’s offerings more aligned with their trading needs. This broker is recommended for traders who are willing and able to invest more significant sums into their trading activities. The advanced analytics and robust support system are particularly advantageous for serious traders who can navigate the complexities of the platform. In summary, Just2Trade presents itself as a reliable and supportive broker, especially beneficial for traders handling large volumes. The sophisticated analytics, backed by responsive customer support, make it a commendable choice for experienced traders. However, the complexity of the website interface and the conditions favoring substantial capital investment might limit its appeal to beginners or those with limited trading funds. For those ready to engage with larger sums and navigate the intricate platform, Just2Trade stands out as a viable option.
7-12 months Greece
The main thing to understand is that trading is not only about profit. In 5 years I have lost money more than once. But it was a shame when it was not you who made a mistake but the broker who dumped you. That is why I had to choose the most honest company for trading on financial markets. Right now for me it is Just2Trade.
7-12 months Bermuda
It was good that I found Just2Trade. I was advised by other brokers, but here I got the best possible deal. One account for all the markets!
Over 3 years Belize
The diversity of tradable instruments offered by Just2Trade is staggering. With access to 128,000 tradable instruments, including stocks, currencies, options, futures, CFDs, bonds, and cryptocurrencies, I've never felt limited in my investment choices. Just2Trade even provides access to 20 stock markets, including opportunities to invest in stock IPOs. This level of diversity in investment opportunities has allowed me to create a well-rounded and balanced portfolio tailored to my investment goals. Lime Trading (CY) Ltd, which operates under Just2Trade, has been an exemplary choice for me as an EU authorized and regulated broker. Their emphasis on protecting my capital and providing direct market access with low commissions has been a major advantage. Additionally, the round-the-clock support from their dedicated team ensures that I can get assistance whenever I need it, regardless of the time zone. The professional analysis provided by Just2Trade has been invaluable in my decision-making process. Their high-quality research covers all financial markets and instruments, giving me the insights and information I need to make informed investment decisions. It's like having a team of experts at my disposal, guiding me through the complex world of finance.
7-12 months Nauru
A huge advantage of Just2Trade is the opportunity to work not only on the foreign exchange market, but also on major global exchanges from one account. By the way, I did not need to deposit $5,000 or more into my account, like on more popular exchanges. I only needed $250. The bonus was wiped almost immediately, but I do not regret, because it was a gift from the company when I opened the account. The profitability of Just2Trade is within 20%, but this is from personal experience. I know traders who earn many times more.
1-3 years Egypt
Just2Trade likes the fact that it has the simplest procedure for calculating commissions and the immediate withdrawal of funds to the card or e-wallet.
1-3 years Tanzania
I have known J2T for a long time, I have been cooperating with the broker for more than a year. I chose the direction of trading, not investing. With time the site has become more and more interesting - new tools and directions appear. The spreads are low, floating and depend on chosen trader's account. The commissions are also OK, it is possible to choose the conditions with the minimum bets.
Bolarinwa Jacob Taiwo
1-3 years United Kingdom
For those still navigating the complexities of financial markets without feeling like seasoned professionals, I highly recommend Just2Trade. This brokerage distinguishes itself by offering a comprehensive training program, complete with practical sessions conducted by the company's specialists. The educational resources provided are not only valuable for beginners but also serve as an ongoing source of knowledge for traders at all levels. I initially opened a real account with Just2Trade almost a year ago, and to this day, I find myself continuously refining my trading strategy through the rich information available in the training section. As someone constrained by time and unable to actively engage in day-to-day trading, I opted to connect to a manager's PAMM account. Just2Trade facilitates this investment avenue, and what sets it apart is the transparent community rating system for traders offering their services. This feature proved particularly advantageous for me as I sought a manager with a risk profile aligning with my preference for moderate risks, steering clear of aggressive trading strategies. The ongoing refinement of my trading skills and the ability to connect to a PAMM account are just a couple of aspects that make Just2Trade an appealing choice for those in various stages of their trading journey. The emphasis on practical training, coupled with a robust educational framework, underscores the broker's commitment to nurturing the growth of its clients. This commitment to education and support contributes to a positive and empowering trading experience. Just2Trade's approach aligns well with the needs of traders seeking not just a platform for transactions but a comprehensive ecosystem that supports continuous learning and strategic development. My experience with Just2Trade has been marked by this commitment to education and a user-friendly environment, making it an ideal choice for those looking to evolve and succeed in the dynamic world of financial markets.

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