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Founded: 1974 Min Deposit: 0 USD

Headquarters: England, United Kingdom Max Lev: 1 : 200

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multiple and strict regulation

FCA 195355
NFA 0509630
ASIC 220440
+61 (3)98601799
Strict Regulation
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100+ Trading Instruments
Low Minimum Deposit
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No Withdrawal Fee
Negative Balance Protection
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free deposits & withdrawals


Low Minimum Deposit
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multilingual support & quick response


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Headquarters Address
Cannon Bridge House 25 Dowgate Hill London EC4R 2YA,UK
Founded 1974
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Time Zone GMT
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Mac,  Windows,  iOS,  Android
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Chinese(Simplified),  Chinese(Traditional),  English,  Russian,  Spanish
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Phone,  Email,  Live Chat,  Facebook,  Twitter,  Instagram,  Youtube
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Chinese(Simplified),  Chinese(Traditional),  English,  Russian,  Spanish

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29 Reviews

Cost 5.8

Platforms 6.1

Deposit & Withdrawal 6.0

Customer Support 6.0

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29 Reviews


2023-05-07 1-3 years CFDs Account
I like that IG Markets now provides Nadex binary and spread contracts to American traders-even with NFA/CFTC rules, fixed risk, high leverage trading.
United States of America

Rolland Badger

2023-03-31 1-3 years CFDs Account
Tech-support support for customers very helpful and professional! All my issues were solved vey quickly. Spreads are fair enough on trading real accounts. Also my withdrawals always processed very fast and accurate. This was much better than what I expected. Feel googd with this broker.

ude samuel

2023-03-30 Over 3 years CFDs Account
I have used IG for almost 10 years for spreadbetting and MT4.They are a decent broker that I still trade with after all this time, and I have always made good money from my trading. Deposits and withrdawals are easy and fast too.
United Kingdom


2023-03-19 1-3 years CFDs Account
"IG offers a range of Cryptocurrencies to trade via it's UK Spread Betting account. Their spreads are wider than I would like although there are no fees or charges apart from the spreads. I can understand that as a company they need to make profits. The only reason I do not give it 5 stars is because of the high margin requirements, wide spreads and not offering even more choice of Cryptocurrencies to trade like its competitors do."
United Kingdom


2023-01-06 7-12 months CFDs Account
I trade now about half year with them, and everything is working well.sometimes even better prices when i try to sell than I thought I would get.very happy with the platform , also with the android mobile app.In holland they really try to help you.If you take to big positions they call you, to warn you for the dangers.

Serhat Kardal

2023-11-06 0-6 months
Had some problems with their system hanging and closing out trades that didn't even have stops when I was trading the demo account. raised tickets but they wouldn't investigate beyond a cursory triage because they said the demo system was 'prone to this kind of thing happening but it's ok as the live system is specced up so that it would never happen', which is probably fair comment but it should've raised a red flag for me, I'm a systems engineer. Well 3 months into live trading and it's happened 3 times where the system hangs for almost 2 minutes and when it comes back your trades have been closed out. Once again, their investigation was cursory and suggestive of user error - Trading View and all other internet applications were up and running and there was no outage on my ISP and no other dropped packets according to wireshark. I cannot recommend using IG's platform at all, if you're going to trade with them make sure it's on MT4/5 as their bespoke platform has some fundamental serious issues in my opinion.


2023-11-01 0-6 months
Depositing and esp. trying to withdraw your money is extremely SLOW and they charge huge FEES and commissions to deposit and withdraw money. The spreads are huge too. Everything you do they will continually skim money from your account, every deposit, every withdrawal and every trade. A terrible SLOW broker that only knows how to make money by skimming money from clients. When I finally am trying to close my account and withdraw my money, they are asking for heaps of paperwork and are taking a very long time for me to withdraw my money... and I still haven't been able to withdraw my money.


2023-10-27 1-3 years
IG claims to be one of the leading brokers and surely they are scam. I've been trading with them for more than 2 years, they always change the settlement prices and then claim that their charts are not accurate. If the charts on their website are not correct how do they expect clients to trade, for example if you place a trade and the market settles at 10091.55 on their live chart, they will say ooh sorry the correct settlement price was 10094.66 They would claim this price to be on third party platform.They will steal your money be warned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DailyForex Team

2023-10-23 0-6 months
They have 0.26 average spread on eur/usd through DMA liquidity feed. I have access to web and advanced platforms. MT4, external platform through API, or order book with L2 dealer platform. No problem with back office support. I would say 24/7 instead of classic 24/5 working hours. Execution is really reliable and fast. In addition, IG offers seminars, market analysis and broad range of services on website.


2023-10-19 0-6 months
What's up everybody. I want to make some notes to existing comments. In addition to good brokerage service and variety of trading accounts, you can see that there is no ECN account available. At first glance, this is an inconvenience, but in fact, it is not an obstacle. All conditions stated by the company are real without double standards. A live trading account can be registered quickly, the same with deposit and withdrawal of funds. They have an access to all other markets + Bitcoins!

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