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CMC Markets

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Founded: 1989 Min Deposit: 0 GBP

Headquarters: England, United Kingdom Max Lev: 1 : 500

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strict regulation

FCA 173730/170627
ASIC 238054
+44 (0)2071708200
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Global Offices
Good Customer Service
Multilingual Support
Headquarters Address
CMC Markets UK 133 Houndsditch, London, EC3A 7BX, UK
Founded 1989
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Time Zone GMT
Credit Profile No information
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Mac,  Windows,  iOS,  Android
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Chinese(Simplified),  English,  German,  Italian,  Norwegian,  Polish,  Spanish,  Swedish
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Phone,  Email,  Facebook,  Twitter,  LinkedIn,  Youtube
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Chinese(Simplified),  English,  German,  Italian,  Norwegian,  Polish,  Spanish,  Swedish

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30 Reviews

Cost 6.0

Platforms 6.1

Deposit & Withdrawal 6.0

Customer Support 6.1

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Fast Deposit/Withdrawal Reliable & Reputable

30 Reviews

1-3 years Spread Betting Account Egypt
CMC Markets is a great and reliable forex brokers.They provide good transactions, with access to thousands of markets. Still, the spread is very tight. I am a scalping trader and don't care to much about market movement, but tight spread is very important to me. Anyway, CMC Markets meet my requirement currently.
0-6 months Guinea-Bissau
Stay away from these brokers they are a nightmare to from slippage, platform rebooting and almost impossible to withdraw money
7-12 months Russia
competitive spreads and rather good overall. feel a lack of options sometimes. but customer service specialists treat a trader respectfully and respond the questions straight away. it’s a pity that they refuse their old convenient platform. there are some problems with news within this latest version, only limited number of it is available. and the prices can differ from real ones. as far as i know old traders are leaving because of this discomfort. i am still here. my recommendation is you can trade here with profit if you are experienced but you’d better look for the more flexible broker.
Joan Phils
7-12 months Norfolk Island
Great! Great! And once again great! I’ve been with it for quite a while. The platform – I could not ask for better! There are no limits within reason. The order is executed rapidly - just within a second. If there are some technical problems with the system and as the result the money is lost, they are ready to reinstate the lost positions. It happened to me and I call a manager, she solved the problem. Customer support is solid here. Taking into account the deposit requirements this broker is meant for advanced traders.
0-6 months Frech Polynesia
Just imagine! It allows traders to trade with more than 7000 products including currency pairs. to stay here you should choose one of the platforms it offers. I trade on their unique product – “Next Generation Platform” because it provides automated execution and customizable options. I’ve been adapting the facilities in such a way the platform complies with my needs and strategies choosing the necessary indicators out of 80 ones available. also use such tools as helpful charts, pattern recognition and boundary spread bets. In order to stay informed of the market conditions, I integrated Reuters news. This platform is really good.
0-6 months Cuba
CMC Markets is registered bookmaker. And still it provides very good trading, approach to thousands of markets and good prices on different currency pairs. I compare the prices with other brokers – there are differences but very slight. Here I trade within contract for difference between the opening and closing price of the contract. The price movement allows me to ignore the market in general and the broker creates the comfortable environment for that. They guarantee execution of stop losses at the price I set and they do it!
Nicholas Verster
0-6 months Jersey
They offer the intuitive Next Generation platform. Well, I have tried it and can say that I can set it up just as I want customizing design layouts. It allows great control of executions when placing and closing the trades from charts. There are also useful options like one-click trading, boundary orders, price ladders, guaranteed stop-loss orders and others, which I really appreciate as far as they improve trading. Besides, the platform offers an access to different sources of market news. What else? I can look through the number of traders and their position values in real time and learn different types of behavior at the market improving my strategy.
7-12 months United States of America
Hi I have been with CMC for a short while, but was recommended by a friend who had been for a quite a while, first the platform is state of art, I challenge anyone that can show me a better platform, the things that you can do on it are amazing and limitless, and the speed and time to execute an order is fraction of second, 2 days ago when Janet Yellen commented on the US market quoting that market is expensive, there was a huge volatility and their system halted, all my position were closed and I lost £7500 because I couldn't do anything then, I phoned them straight away and I spoke to a Lucy and told her about what happened, she acknowledge having system problem, put me on hold to speak to IT, after she said she will call me back, after 20 minutes I had a call, she advised me to fund my account and IT team will re-instate all my position, I did that and all my positions were back online, I was shocked because I was thinking for the last hour that this was some scam company but in a short while proved to be a good and honest one, same situation happened to me at, and there paid me back all my losses, but their platform is not as good as CMC, I love CMC and I enjoy trading with them, I hope they will stay in business forever
Rod Jones
0-6 months Sweden
Hello,I do not advise you to trade with CMC MARKET, because you can not close these popsitions at the right moment. this happened to me several times and resulted in the liquidation of my trading account. i asked for explanations and instructions from cmc MARKETS. they asked me to close my account and stop trading with them without any explanation. I would like to know if I am alone in this case? I wish to warn the AMF and the vous déconseille de trader avec CMC MARKET, car on ne peut pas fermer ces popsitions au moment voulu. cela m'est arriver à plusieurs reprises et à entrainé la liquiditatiuon de mon compte de trading. j'ai demandé des explication ste des dédomagements de la part de cmc MARKETS. ils m'ont demandé de fermer mon compte et de ne plus trader avec eux sans aucune explication. je voudrais savoir si je suis seul dans ce cas? je souhaite avertir l'AMF et le FCA
Roman Karpe
0-6 months Liechtenstein
Best charting package for web platform

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