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Operating status: SCAM


Broker violations and abnormal records
  • 2022-06-30 BrokersView has reviewed that 4XLimited is an Unregulated Forex Broker
    On its page footer, 4XLimited says Copyright © 2019-2022, but its domain name ( verification result showed that it was first created on 14 March, 2022. Furthermore, the scammer served 50,000 total users and reached 75,000 daily transactions more than 50 countries. How can...
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  • 2022-06-28 The FCA Added 4XLimited into Its Warnings
    According to the update, the company was added to the FCA's warning list on 29 June 2022. The watchdog warned the public that the entity is not authorised by it and is targeting people in the UK. You may visit:
  • 2022-11-20 BrokersView has found that 4XLimited is not working
    BrokersView found the domain "" is not working, as most probably it was suspended and it is always a bad sign when broker's website is suspended.

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