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My client manager hasn't answered me for several days. Scam???

ANSWER Gloffix is a non-regulated trading platform even though it states offers that look too good to be true.Gloffix claims to be operated by Advaniq LTD, a company registered in Marshall Islands. It also claims to have a payment agent, Key Solutions LTD based in Bulgaria. Firstly, it should be noted that Marshall Islands is an offshore center and the Marshall Islands Registry (IRI) has no legal authority to issue forex licenses and regulate forex activities. At the same time, our search for this broker's supposed payment agent on the website of Bulgaria Financial Supervision Commission (FSC), the granted authority to supervise financial industry under applicable laws and regulations, did not yield any results. In addition, as it offers financial services or products without authorization, we found that Gloffix carries two warnings by different financial regulatory bodies, including the Spanish National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) and the UK Regulator Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). You can check the CNMV warning from here and the FCA warning from here.  The truth is, Gloffix is a dishonest broker operating without oversight from financial regulatory bodies. Regarding your question, being ignored by your client manager at this broker and receiving no response for several days might be a sign of scam. In conclusion, we would suggest investors be informed on a broker's regulatory status before making a trading decision. You can check our reviews for brokers to achieve relevant facts or information. We would recommend that investors stay away from unlicensed brokers like Gloffix and trade with fully regulated brokers.
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