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Could you please give me you professional opinion on this broker? I'm certain they use the best regulation, but any professional input is highly welcomed.

Jack Broolyn
United States of America
ANSWER Valutrades is a brand name of Valutrades Limited and AVALUTRADES (SEYCHELLES) LIMITED. Valutrades Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) bearing License No.586541. AVALUTRADES (SEYCHELLES) LIMITED is regulated by the Financial Services Authority of the Seychelles (Seychelles FSA) with Securities Dealer License No SD028. For more details about this broker, please check our full Valutrades review. FCA is one of the most reputable regulatory watchdogs in the world for regulating forex brokers and other financial entities. Forex traders would prefer to open trading accounts from FCA regulated forex brokers because of the watchdog's stringent regulatory laws, protection of client funds and companies insolvency compensation rules etc. However, as a well known financial regulator in the offshore zone Seychelles, FSA actually doesn't enact stringent regulatory laws and requirements for brokers, therefore does not bring sharp guarantees to the traders. So FSA-regulated brokers are actually not under strong regulation. That means, if you are interested in Valutrades and are about to deal with this broker, you'd better avoid onboarding your account on its offshore license. You can ask their official customer service where will they onboard your account. It is much safer to onboard your account to its FCA license.
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