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I'm hesitating to invest VENTURYFX. Can you help me with the decision?
Ilgar Grayman
ANSWER It is recommended to choose a fully regulated broker instead. You are advised to exercise extreme caution as VENTURYFX carries certain risks and there is no guarantee that it is actually licensed and complies with the relevant regulations.While we did locate a licensee called Smart Trade Limited in the register of the Mauritius Financial Services Commission (Mauritius FSC), an outcome indeed consistent with VENTURYFX's regulatory claim, it is crucial to note there remains a possibility of an impersonation scam due to the limited information provided by this Mauritius financial watchdog. On the website of Mauritius FSC, you can only get a registration address of the license holder for you to help verify VENTURYFX's status. However, there is no solid evidence to confirm whether the website address is actually linked to the Mauritius FSC-registered firm. As such, we cannot exclude the possibility that VENTURYFX misuses a legitimate company's license to deceive unwitting investors. Traders are advised to exercise extreme caution.What's more, please be advised of the regulatory warning from the Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV). This Spanish financial regulator added VENTURYFX to its warning list for carrying on unlicensed investment services. This suggests that VENTURYFX is not a reliable trading platform.All in all, compared to its counterparts fully regulated by top-tier financial watchdogs, VENTURYFX is not safe to trade with. And the CNMV's warning about it is a red flag for danger. This platform's customers are still exposed to the risks of fraud and identity theft. To mitigate substantial risks in your trading life, we strongly suggest investors opt for reputable forex brokers under stringent supervision.
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