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Watch Out! Your Money in Finex Global Markets is at Risk!

2022-12-06 Brokersview

Forex trading can help you make quick money. However, finding a trustworthy forex broker has become more challenging since new scammers keep hitting the market every day. Therefore, consumers must do their due diligence before signing up with any broker. This piece drives your attention to a scam broker - Finex Global Markets

Finex Global Markets - A Quick Overview

Finex Global Markets ( is a consulting firm based in Curacao. The company claims to have specialized in corporate financing. Besides investment services, it facilitates clients to explore trading potential across multiple asset classes, such as forex, commodities, stocks, indices and cryptocurrencies. While few choices are available concerning account selection, the establishment doesn't support any third-party trading platform. Clients can add funds to their accounts using various payment methods, such as Debit cards, Credit cards, Skrill, Neteller, Wire transfers, etc. If you have any queries or concerns, the company is reachable via telephone, email and live chat. 


Is Finex Global Markets Regulated?

No! Finex Global Markets is neither regulated in its home country Curacoa nor holds regulations anywhere else in the world.  


Clients Feedback

Clients seem to be highly disappointed with the broker. While most clients complain about the withdrawal issues, others denounce the broker for its substandard trading conditions, account closure activities, and poor customer support. 

What Makes Finex Global Markets A Scam Broker

First, the broker lacks regulation anywhere in the world and still claims to be reliable. While cross-checking the information shared on the company's website amid its licensing, we found that no regulatory body exists in Curacoa that issues licenses to forex trading brokers and investment firms. We also checked with the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (PFSA or KNF), and came up empty. 

Second, the broker doesn't have any third-party trading platform and leaves no other choice for clients but to use its custom-built trading terminal. We doubt the company for having a transparent trade execution policy. The same is evident through clients' feedback reporting price manipulation issues with the company. 


Has Finex Global Markets Ever Been Blacklisted?

Yes! Finex Global Markets has been blacklisted by the UK regulator - FCA. A few months ago, FCA warned investors to stay away from the broker because the company was unauthorized to provide trading services to UK citizens. 



What If I have deposited funds with Finex Global Markets?

You should immediately initiate a withdrawal request with the broker. Since the company isn't even registered anywhere, we strongly doubt its legitimacy. Essentially, who knows when the company will disappear from the scene, leaving you barehanded? 


Final Words

Finex Global Markets is a confirmed scam entity. The company pretends to be a legitimate concern to mislead investors. When the firm was accused of having malpractices amid trade execution and withdrawal processing, the company also received a warning from a forex regulator - FCA. Therefore, we do not recommend you trust this company with your hard-earned money. Should you wish to ask something, feel free to contact