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Warned by FCA: Unlicenced Broker Kado Capital is a Confirmed Scam

2022-10-19 Brokersview

Whether you trade stock, speculate over currency prices, or stake your interest in the crypto market, fraudsters never fail to find a way to loot investors. Therefore, it is critical to stay vigilant and avoid signing up with scam brokers like Kado Capital.


Kado Capital - A Quick Overview

Kado Capital ( is an online broker based in Dominica. The broker has been in the business since 2019. With only a custom-built trading platform available at clients' disposal, the company fails to offer flexible options to explore various financial markets, including forex, stocks, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. Other products and services include multiple account types and numerous payment methods.  

Is Kado Regulated?

No, Kado Capital is neither regulated nor registered anywhere in the world. Though the company claims to be a safe investment and brokerage firm, it hasn't shared any details about its licensing on its website. 


Clients Feedback

Kado Capital holds the worst opinions among clients. Investors have rated it a scam broker based on its poor code of conduct. According to clients, the company manipulates pricing besides withholding funds without any reason. Customers have also accused the company of deliberately providing excessive leverage to wipe out clients' accounts faster. You may find many complaints about the broker on various independent reviewers' websites like BrokersView. 

What does Regulator say about Kado Capital?

Besides having no regulatory oversight, the adverse clientele feedback makes it to be in bad ordor. Since it doesn't even hold registration anywhere in the world, the company cannot be a legit entity. Further, it doesn't support third-party platforms bounding clients to use its proprietary trading app. Possibly, the company wants to control prices at its discretion. 

Not to mention, the broker has also been warned by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The regulator cautioned investors to avoid dealing with the company operating without authorization.  

How do Scam Brokers Like Kado Capital Work?

One of the most common methods of scam brokers is to lure clients into false profit-making deals. Fraud intermediaries first allow clients to win some trades to give them a fake perception of the broker being legitimate and gain their confidence. After that, scammers persuade clients to add more funds to enjoy greater returns. However, after draining clients to their maximum limit, scam brokerages suspend investors' accounts, rendering their deposits inaccessible. Sometimes these companies choose to step down from the internet to stay undiscovered for a while or come back with a new identity. Kado Capital appears to be following the same strategy as its website isn't accessible anymore.  


What To Do If I Already Have Deposited Funds With Kado Capital? 

If you are one of those unfortunate clients who have deposited their money with the broker, it might be too late to act now. However, you can try initiating a withdrawal request, though unlikely to be successful. 


Bottom Line

If you've experienced losses trading with Kado Capital, consider it a well-taught lesson, and avoid signing up with an unregulated broker ever again. Remember, you can only file a case against a regulated entity for breaching the code of conduct. You can also post your feedback on BrokersView and other platforms to help clients know about your experience with Kado Capital.