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Signs of a Ponzi Scheme! Four Financial Authorities Warns Againt OmegaPro

2022-04-19 Brokersview

Online trading scams tends to display profitable profits that give investors a false sense of easy money-making. Once the investors are cheated by the false sense, they will invest more money to earn greater returns. At last, they will lose all their trading money. BrokersView recently learned an unlicensed forex broker OmegaPro/OmegaPro (SV) Ltd is using this tactic to scam investors.

Signs of a Ponzi scheme

OmegaPro is conducting an investment program that promises a fixed trading profit up to 300% after 16 months. No risk of capital and constant profits daily for every trader including a fresh forex trader. Actually, Omegapro shows the signs of Signs of a Ponzi scheme. The company is performing an illegal financial program that is just playing with money it gets from people that join the system and deposit.

Four financial authorities issues warning against OmegaPro

Viewing its home page, we found OmegaPro is an unauthorized broker. Unfortunately, it is providing financial and investment services that required licenses from financial regulators. What’s more, we found four financial authorities warned public that OmegaPro is an unlicensed broker.

· The Spanish regulator CNMV has confirmed that OmegaPro is an unauthorized investment service.

· The Financial Services Commission, Mauritius (the “FSC”) informs the public that OmegaPro Plc (“OmegaPro”) or any other individuals/representatives or promoter groups operating under this name are not and have not, at any point in time, been licensed and regulated by the FSC.

· The Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) added OmegaPro to its warnings.

· The Financial Services and Markets Authority, Belgium (FSMA) issued a warning against OmegaPro.

All of these warnings issued by four regulators made it clear: OmegaPro is not been authorized to carry out investment services and activities as a lack of authorization. And there is a strong recommendation for you to stay away from it. 

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