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Scam Alert: The Street Fx is NOT Regulated by any Forex Regulators

2022-10-11 Brokersview

"We help growing your wealth in the easiest and the biggest market" - this is the slogan on The Street Fx's website. If only the forex market is really the easiest. The truth is that the market is full of scammers like The Street Fx, making a lot of investors lose funds. 


Doubtful Company History

The Street Fx claims to be a recognized broker in the forex market for over 22 years. It has staff with at least 5 years of experience working for the biggest traders in the industry. Sounds reliable?

The truth is that the domain of this fraudster was created on 31 May 2022. And the whole description of its history may be a big lie.


Base Uncertain

The company doesn't appear to be sure where it's based. According to its website, there are two versions, one that is based in London and the other that is in St Vincent.

Since there is no forex regulator in Saint Vincent, we searched Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Financial Services Authority (SVG FSA). The result is that The Street Fx is not registered in St Vincent.

BrokersView wants to remind you that SVG FSA is not a forex regulator. It does not regulate forex brokers or issue forex licenses. Therefore, having the registration with the FSA or not does not mean being licensed to conduct forex services.

Moreover, we searched the forex regulator in the UK - FCA, but only found a warning related to the scam.


The FCA's warning is evidence that the broker is providing forex services to UK investors without authorization. All in all, The Street Fx is a forex scam.

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