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Scam Alert: Globecfds Falls Under No Regulating Agency

Jul 04, 2022 Brokersview

Globecfds is trying to be a reliable forex broker with its claimed top notch trading platforms, superior request processing and spreads and excellent client care and technical support. However, BrokersView finds these promises the broker stated are wrong. When you open an account and start to trade with it, you will find the company is a fraud.


Falls under no regulating agency

Globecfds aims to be the best global forex company, offering state-of-the-art trading tools in the forex industry. However, after taking a look at its homepage, you will see the company does not fall under any regulating agency as it shows no details about its regulation info such as the regulatory body or the license number. That means Globecfds is just an unregulated forex broker.

A complete anonymous company

There is no section on the website that Globecfds cares to disclose its critical information. It is completely anonymous as there is no office location, not to mention any specific corporate background or any hint about a license or authorization(we mentioned before) except its email and phone. If it is a reliable forex entity, it must give an address and have a license in the country where it is located. Anonymous brokers cannot be traced, which means that once invested, your money will be lost.


CONSOB blacklisted Globecfds as a scam

CONSOB has ordered Internet connectivity service providers to inhibit access from Italy to Globecfds through which financial services are offered without due authorization.

Individuals and traders should avoid trading with Globecfds as this broker is a scam. It will take funds from clueless investors and will remain determined to take your well-deserved money.

If you want to trade forex, it would be better to deal with a trustworthy, regulated broker. Well, you can choose and read detailed about the licensed brokers listed on BrokersView.