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RoboMarkets Increased Two New Trading Servers for MT4 Platform

Mar 22, 2021 Brokersview


RoboMarkets​, a forex broker offering trading services across Europe, announced on Friday that it has increased the number of trading servers due to a constant increase in client base.

According to the European broker’s announcement, it has enabled RoboForex-Pro-3 and RoboForex-ECN-2 for MetaTrader 4 platform, so the load will be equally divided between all servers, thus increasing stability and providing clients with quality services and opportunity to trade as comfortably and quickly as possible. The company's new servers offer clients to open accounts of Pro and ECN types.

RoboMarkets Continues to Update

RoboMarkets has been actively updated its trade tools. In Martch 15th, the FX trading provider has just added push notifications feature to the mobile version of MT5. When the price of specified trading instruments reaches the highest or lowest level over some particular period of time, the smartphone of clients will receive a push notification.